Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Black and White Wednesday #138 - The Gallery

Good evening and welcome to Black and White Wednesday #138. Tonight's gallery was a particularly pleasurable assortment of photographs . We've covered everything from books, bread, and a boat to pasta, pastry, plants, pots, and a portrait.  I hope you enjoy the feast as much as I do.

Thanks to Cinzia of Cindystar, head hostess for this event, and to all those who have joined in. Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu is currently accepting your contributions for BWW # 139 to be published next Wednesday.

See you soon!




Kouign Amann - Black and White Wednesday # 138

Although these buttery Breton pastry parcels failed to rise to the occasion of baking, their angled folds and crisply pleated cups earned them photogenic redemption.  

This is my contribution to Black and White Wednesday #138, Cinzia's weekly gallery for those who fancy food photos in every shade of gray.  I am hosting the honors today, welcoming your shots until 5:00 pm New York time (thewellseasonedcook AT yahoo DOT com).  I will have the gallery online later tonight.  

Thanks to all who have joined in thus far.  I'll see you later tonight. ~

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pistachio Shells - Black and White Wednesday #137

Pistachio Shells, Terracotta, and Wood

They were good.

My quick and dirty VSCO contribution to Black and White Wednesday # 137, hosted today by Simona of Briciole for Cinzia of Cindystar.

Do stop by Briciole later today for Simona's gallery, a weekly presentation of food photography for those like to dial down the color.